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Can electrical wiring be damaged by water?

electrical wiringFlood damage looks like stains, broken furniture, mold, and a musty smell. Less obvious, however, is what happens to the electrical system after a flood. If your house has flooded, you may have to replace the electrical wiring to keep the electrical system safe. Although electrical wiring is insulated, water can still damage it to the point of making it dangerous to use due to the risk of sparks. Emergency Electrician Derby can help you with emergency electrical services when you need it.

Does water damage ruin a house’s electrical wiring?

Water damage can result in the destruction of electrical cables, however, it is not always solely attributable to the water. It is important to remember that a flood is not always clean water pouring into a house. Floods, especially those caused by natural disasters and storms, can often be accompanied by various contaminants, such as gas, oil, chemicals from farm runoff and even sewage. Although water itself is harmful, the real problem may be brought on by the water and not the water itself.

Electrical testing after water damage

After a flood, before using any electrician to come to your home to perform an electrical test. Emergency Electrician Derby can do a series of tests to figure out what the wiring situation is after a flood. Even if the wiring passes the various safety tests, you should at least consider replacing it. Even if the wiring is safe immediately after the flood, corrosion may continue over time, making it less safe in the future. After the inspection, your electrician can explain to you what, if anything, you need to do next to keep your home safe.

Is it necessary to replace electrical cables after flooding?

It is very likely that the cables need to be replaced, even if they have only been flooded for a short time. If the house been flooded for a long time, the cable insulation is more likely to break down.

How to move sockets higher up on a wall

Some homeowners try to prevent flood damage by raising the sockets above average flood levels. This is a good idea for the basement or other areas that might experience flooding more often. The process involves cutting new holes in the drywall for the socket boxes and patching the old ones. Then, move the cables to a new place, connect the sockets correctly, and test them by connecting a device or using a multimeter.

It is also important to know that raising sockets will not completely solve the problem. Flooding can happen for many reasons, and even when you raise cables or sockets, they can get damaged. If the source of the water is a leak from above, such as a burst pipe, raised sockets can still be damaged. Wiring will also have to be raised to accommodate the raised sockets, as wiring that remains in an area commonly prone to flooding will still be at risk. Do you have an electrical emergency and need Emergency Electrician Derby immediately? Request our help now! Call 01332323022

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