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Important Electrical Tips For The Winter

Important electrical tips for the winter

Prepare yourself for a power outage

Power outage

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In the event that a power outage occurs, you need to be prepared for the long haul if the worst case scenario occurs. Sometimes the electricians can turn off, the power for hours. If a nighttime outage occurs, you can’t rely on space heaters to keep you warm. Have a torch and blanket ready, so you can stay warm and navigate the house safely.
The most important recommendation is to have your home’s electrical system inspected, so you can be sure you are as prepared as possible. An experienced electrician can identify potential problems that may occur during winter. If you have any other questions about your home’s electrical system or think it’s time to have your home inspected, contact your Derby Electrician.

Prepare an emergency safety kit for extended outages

To prepare yourself for prolonged power outages, have an emergency kit ready. The emergency kit should be easily accessible and contain batteries, a torch, blankets / sleeping bags / warm clothes, non-perishable food, a first aid kit, and enough water for your family.
This will keep your family warm, nourished and safe during an emergency.

Keep away from lowered power lines

There may be downed power lines, which may still be active. Stay at least 35 feet or 11 meters away as electricity can travel through the water and land surrounding the power lines. A few weeks ago, we discussed the safety of the power line. This is a hot topic during the winter because the roads are slippery and road accidents increase.

If a car hits a power line and the electrical wiring falls, keep at least three meters or 10 feet away. Power lines are very powerful and can cause electrocution if you are not careful. Keep your family and children educated, as they may run into a downed power line on their commute.
Avoid clearing snow, ice, or storm debris until the experts disconnect the power supply or repair the power lines. In the event of an interrupted power line, report immediately to BC Hydro.

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In the event that a power line reaches the vehicle, remain in the vehicle until the rescuers arrive. A live power line is extremely dangerous, when getting out of a vehicle that has contacted.
Inspect all large trees and branches on your property.
Winter storms can cause significant damage to trees outside the property. It is important to inspect any trees on or near your property that could cause damage to your home or building. Any loose branches should be removed to minimize the risk of falling. Large trees can also damage power lines and vehicles.
If possible, park the vehicle in a safe area that is away from any large tree that could fall on it. If you are unsure whether a tree poses a significant threat to your property, call the licensed electricians at Emergency Electrician Derby.

Clean all electrical equipment outside the home

Snowfall and winter storms mean an influx of the amount of water present on the property. Since water and electricity do not mix, it is essential to ensure that there are no loose wires or electrical cables around the property. The technic must store all electrical equipment safely when not in use.
Have a professional inspect the power generator to make sure the oil and gas levels are correct. Also, that the connection to the house is secure. If a power outage occurs, you want to be sure that it will power your home / business when needed.

Avoid the use of candles during power outages

Many people use candles to light their rooms during power outages. While this can offer a pleasant environment, it is very dangerous. If the candles are unattended or dripping with wax and causing accumulation around the candle, it can cause a fire. Instead, use LED flashlights or candles.

Winter can lead to adverse weather conditions that affect our daily life. You can prepare yourself for the worst situations, with proper precautions. Call Electrician Emergency 24.

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