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Storage heaters: Advantages and Drawbacks

What are storage heaters and how do they work

Since storage heaters were introduced back in 1960, their primary aim was to make the most of excess electricity overnight.  Although storage heaters have evolved extensively during the past 40 years still the principle is the same. Basically, the internal ceramic bricks accumulate thermal energy during the night and gradually release it throughout the day. This way the heat naturally circulates in your house giving you a pleasant and comfortable environment. The bricks warm-up between midnight and 8 am when energy is available at cheaper rates. Surely using a storage heater as an alternative to warm your house is totally understandable. Since it is cheap and convenient. However, storage heaters also contain some unwanted elements or drawbacks. Through this blog, we will try to shed light on each aspect of this appliance. We want you to make an informed decision about storage heater services. The following are the advantages and disadvantages of storage heaters.

Storage Heater Services


Well, we thought it would be better to start with the drawbacks. We will put it as simple as possible and at the same time provide you with the necessary information.

Firstly, the charging system during the night makes storage heaters difficult to use in bedrooms. This is because usually, the storage heaters begin charging after midnight. It means that if you’re going to sleep before midnight, your storage heaters are more likely to get cold when you’re in bed, so when they’re charged in the early morning hours, your bedroom can get really hot.

Another downside of night time storage heaters is the fact that if you’re out all day, you won’t get the most out of them. If you work in regular office hours, then when the house is empty, your storage heater can release the most heat. To stop this, during the regular hours, you will have to charge your heater and therefore miss out on the lower night-time tariffs.

Also if you leave suddenly for a few days, this can mean all this heating is wasted. There are also some issues with people misunderstanding the heating controls. It should also be noted that storage heaters are not ideal for asthma sufferers due to the fact they burn the air.


In fact, the advantages of storage heaters easily outweigh the downsides. They are durable, maintenance-free, economical to run and cheap to buy, easy to install, and very efficient! It is important to stress that storage heaters are more suitable for homes situated in areas where there is no gas connection since gas costs less than electricity. But having heaters installed or maintained is significantly cheaper than installing or servicing gas-fired boilers, radiators. In addition, people generally pay insurance(up to 200 pounds) to allay any gas heating costs; storage heaters do not need such premiums.

Unlike gas central heating, storage heaters’ efficiency does not deteriorate over time and are life-long maintenance-free.  They don’t need costly messy plumbing and a trained electrician can quickly and easily hard-wire them.

Best storage heater services in Derby

You need an area electrician you’ll be able to trust to provide a skilled service. This is an exceedingly timely manner to stay your home heat once it’s cold outside. With the website, you’ll be able to make certain your storage heating is going to be back warming your home as quickly as possible! Also, they are specialists who work 24 hours in 7 days. Whether or not you would like a replacement panel heater thanks to malfunction. Or want older storage heaters upgrading to the terribly latest energy economical models.

If you are looking for a perfect solution for storage heating repair we can strongly recommend our most powerful professional Storage Heater Services.  When your electrical heating isn’t operating & you’re in Derby – Contact us to get a repair appointment with Storage Heaters in Derby.

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