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Everything you need to know about Electrical Test Certificates

What makes an EICR?

Do you have doubts if your electrical system is working properly?  Then you need an electrical Test Certificates in Derby. An Electrical Inspection Condition Report (EICR) is a detailed inspection of the electrical systems and installation for your house. The report tests the competency of the electrics by three separate categories:

C1 – this means that there is danger and that urgent action will be needed.

C2 – This shows the potential for risk, and immediate attention is advised.

C3 – this means that there is no risk in the electrics, but also suggests improving the electrical network.

Test Certificates Derby

What is a prerequisite for an EICR test?

An EICR check will determine the state of your electrical systems and assess how well they operate, paying particular attention to any degradation or defects.

As part of the testing, engineers must verify the electrical condition against the UK safety criteria for electrical installations-BS7671 Electrical Installation Specifications (IET Wiring Regulations).

Relevant problems that could be exposed by an EICR check include any problems with circuits or equipment that could overload or overheat the system Areas of electrical shock risks and fire hazards Safety concerns with installations and equipment bonding or earthing.

Specific issues that can be identified by an EICR check include any issues with circuits or equipment that could overload or overheat the system Areas of the danger of electrical shock and fire hazards Security concerns with bonding or earthing of installations and equipment Any defective electrical work that could lead to faults or injury.

How does an EICR test work?

The test will also include visual inspection elements to detect any apparent faults with faulty equipment or defective wiring, dead continuity checks, insulation resistance and polarity, and live inspection checks that can effectively respond in the event of a malfunction or electrical shock injury.

EICR results

Any faults detected within the system, including the reason for the failure, will be described in the report and rated according to the EICR fault codes in terms of their severity.

If the inspection has been completed in full by your electrical system and any immediate remedial work has been done, you will receive an EICR Safety Certificate giving you peace of mind that your electrics are free.

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